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SQL Deadlock and Scheduler Stack dump on Evault

Created: 15 Aug 2013 | 5 comments

Hi All,

We always received issues having our Evault DB Server become unresponsive.

I just need everyones help for me to understand if the SQL Deadlock being encontered in the Evault database versio 8.0 are already addressed on the version 10.0?

Comments and inputs are appreciated.



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What are the errors/warning coming on EV server?  I hope you are running SQL maintenance task Regularly as per TN

What does your DBA say about these blocking? & output of query "SP_WHO2 ACTIVE".

I remember issue with 9.0 SP1/SP2 version which is already resolved  But it's not applied on your EV environment as you already on 10.0.

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Could you please confirm whcih version of EV you are running with ServicePack..?

Also could you please let us know if you get any error logged by EV or SQL in the events.. that would be helpful to narrow down the issue.. to find out which SP is causing the issue..

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Do you know what processes are involved in the deadlock? You need to identity what processes are involved in the deadlock in order to troubleshoot this issue further. This Microsoft article might help you on this task:

Detecting and Ending Deadlocks

If you get any errors in the event viewer, post those messages here to see if we can assist you. In addition, you should open a ticket with support.

I hope this helps.

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Hi All thank you very much I am in Version 8.0 as of moment.

We encounter several Stack dump on memory on SQL Server side hece we raised an incindet with MSFT. and found this process as the culprit for deadlock.

SELECT  TOP 10000 IdTransaction,IdChecksumLow,IdChecksumHigh,IdDateTime,IdUniqueNo,IdPartition,VaultIdentity,ArchivePointIdentity,



FROM view_Saveset_Archive_Vault WHERE ArchivePointId =

We already applied the Maintenance plan task as recommended by Symantec on a regularly.

Just want to know if this deadlock are still being encountered in Version 9.0 and 10.0?

What are the links from symantect that this was address in version 9 and 10.

Agin many thanks

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The one which I am aware of for version 8.0 SP5 & 9.0 sp1/SP2 is mentioned in TN