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SQL Installation Account also needs to be local admin?

Created: 24 Jul 2013 | 1 comment
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I just thought I'd share this - it might be listed somewhere in the implementation guide but I didn't see it.

For ServiceDesk 7.5 MP1 install I found that the SQL installation account needs to be a local admin on your ServiceDesk server if you use Windows based authentication.  Thats the account that you provide that has sysadmin rights to your off-box SQL instance.

If you don't give it local admin rights on the ServiceDesk server then the Workflow install will fail early on with an error in its log :

"Could not run installed as elevated user. Impersonation Failed: Domain = [your domain], User = [yoursqlinstallaccount] Error: 0

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Hi Lark,

THis is a documentation oversight that is being corrected right away.  When installing Servicedesk with off box SQL, the installtion account must have local administrator privileges on the actual Servicedesk server, AND have sysadmin privileges on the target off-box SQL server.  That account must have both.  Sorry for the confusion.