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SQL Logs not being deleted after backup

Created: 16 May 2013 | 10 comments
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Hi All,

Something weird has happen to my SQL Logs, they have suddenly stoped being deleted after the backup, creating us issues with full log store.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Windows server 2008 Standard; SQL 10.0.5512.0.( 2008 SP3 patch 7))

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How did you check if the transaction logs were not truncated ? Are you referring to the physical .ldf file ?

If yes, the physical size of this file remains unchanged as BE truncates the virtual transaction logs.

Secondly, in the backup definition, is the job method set to incremental - log backup ?

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The .ldf will always be present and will never be deleted.  Perhaps you should clarify what you mean by deleted.

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Create an SQL task that shrinks the logfiles:

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Sorry, I mean clear the logs.

it's just when I run the sharepoint backup it complains that the logs are full, even after the sql has been fully backed up.

I have a seperate SQL Log backup job for this as well as a seperate job for the rest of the server.

I have a full, diff and incremental SQL jobs running, they all come up with green tick when the job is finished.


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If you have a log backup job, this should truncate the logs.  What makes you think that the logs are not being truncated?  If you are worried about the size of the logs being the same as before, you have to to use

dbcc shrinkfile

to recover the space.  See this document

You might want to read my article below and check that your log backups are set up correctly.

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Check the volume which is hosting the physical .ldf file for the above mentioned dBs. Is there sufficient free space ?

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Yes, it appears to be a space issue.

I just can't figure out why the logs fileld up, should the BE clear the logs after each full backup?


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Hi all,

For the moment I changed to simple mode untill we work out why the logs were not truncated.