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SQL Maintenance - Index Rebuild - sort results in tempdb

Created: 18 Apr 2013 | 1 comment
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Hello all,

In the several documents on creating a maintenance plan for maintaining proper indexes and statistics for the EV-databases, the screen to rebuild indexes has an option called "sort results in tempdb"

I've found the below regarding to SEPM databases, would that also be valid for EV-databases? In other words, can I enable this setting? I am specifically interested in the 'may be quicker' option, and also the (assumed) possibility that the tempdb size and disksize can be monitored and if necessary reconfigured.

"For an index to retrieve results effectively, it must remain in sorted order. When an index is rebuilt, it must resort the data in the index. This resorting of data is typically done in the database in which the index resides. You now have the option to sort these indexes in the tempdb database; this has advantages and drawbacks. If the tempdb on my system is on a different set of disks than my user databases, it may be quicker to sort the index in the tempdb database; however, this requires the index rebuild to use more disk space. If space is not an issue for your system, it might not be a bad idea to play around with this option to see if it speeds your rebuild time."

Thanks for your input.


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