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SQL query to determine access to archived items?

Created: 07 Feb 2013 • Updated: 10 Feb 2013 | 10 comments
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assuming I don't want to enable auditing or install reporting services.

Is there a query I can run against vault store DB to determine user access rate to archived items in the past week by hours?

I have a scheduled evening upgrade, and the customer is concerned that we will cause many users to not be able to work correctly. (no vault cache)
I'm trying to think of a simple query that I can run against the vault store DB that will give me in results how many users accessed archived items between 18PM to 00PM, so I can show him "you see? only 9 people out of 25,000 tried to open archived item"...smiley

any ideas?

Is it even possible?


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You might want to check IIS logfiles, but as Rob states, it is not possible in SQL

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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And whilst you're marking one of the posts here as a solution :)  You might want to take a look at this article I wrote about logparser:

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After reviewing your link I think that this is the only viable, no cost, way to achieve that goal without enabling auditing with item access granularity enabled.

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Glad to help.

BTW .. Auditing isn't necessarily the answer.  Last time I checked all of the 'http' access to items is recorded as the Vault Admin Account, rather than the 'actual' user which performed the retrieval.

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but the idea is to show how many items are being accessed at all right? so regardless of the user, it will validate what is needed

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guess so.. but would need to turn on auditing, let it run etc.. whereas IIS logs are likely to already have this information.

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wow, I thought that therei s solution about this, but yes it will be to hard to perform I guess...

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John Santana
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