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SQL Restore issues to an alternate Client

Created: 22 Aug 2012
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am facing strange issues with regards to SQL servers restore and struggling to understand why...

Issue 1:

Restoring SQL database to an alternate client..

Obviously am running the restore from an alternate client and restoring a full database to that client worked fine but problem occures when i want to restore full backup from a particular date and subsequent trx logs. what it does basically is - say i want to restore 17th July backup and 4 trx logs of 17th.. when i select 17th full backup and try to select the 17th logs it automatically select all the logs and select the first available backup of the database which is from 1st June? annoying.. but when i do the same on an actual client where the database was backed up from it allows you to select what you want.. sorry if it sounds dumb but i have a customer to answer... also, is it not possible to restore to an alternate client by running the restore from the actual client, saving the script and than modifying the SQLHOST bit to the destination client?

Issue 2:

I have one SQL server running 4 SQL instances and each instance has 4 databases all different. So when i want to restore database that exist under SQL Instance A followed by the logs and save the script. so looking at the script the  main database is corresponding to the correct instance whereas all logs are corresponding to another instance hence when you run a restore - the database will restore to an instance where logs are pointing to instead of the actual instance where it was backed up from? tested it already.. so my question is why? i know i have the flexibility to modify the script and point the logs to the correct instance but should not both databse and logs be corresponding to the correct intance at first place?

Also, i have noticed the RED DOWN arrow sign on SQL instances in the SQL restore GUI.. etc if you have 4 instances running (801,802,803 and 804) only 801 will not have RED DOWN arrow sign but the rest of them will.. why? If you browse the same SQL server from an alternate client (alternate client restore) all 4 instances appears to have RED DOWN arrow key? am sure there must be a reson behind it but i couldnt really find in the documentation or anywhere on the blogs so if someone could share it with me that would be great...

apologies for the list of questions but they were all asked by my customer.. any response, thoughts will highly be appreicated!!!