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SQL Server backup sets

Created: 28 Nov 2011 | 3 comments

I have two sql backup jobs. One for full backup and one for diff backup. My intent was for each full backup to start a new media file and all subsequent diffs to append to that same media file until the next full backup which should create a new file again with its coresponding diffs. This is how the media files should look when I run them in this order: Full1, Diff1, Diff2, Diff3, Full2, Diff4, Diff5, Diff6, Full3, Diff7, Diff8, Diff9

File1 [Full1, Diff1, Diff2, Diff3]

File2 [Full2, Diff4, Diff5, Diff6]

File3 [Full3, Diff7, Diff8, Diff9]

But to my surprise I get this:

File1 [Full1, Diff1, Diff2, Diff3, Diff4, Diff5, Diff6, Diff7, Diff8, Diff9]

File2 [Full2]

File3 [Full3]

This is not what I wanted because now I can't expire File1 which holds Diffs that need to be paired up with the full backups from File2 and File3. I need each backup media file to be self contained without dependencies to other files so they can be expired properly.

Any ideas how to achieve this?

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You got to set your AP in such a way that it expires after the last differential for the first full backup.  For example, if you do you full backups on Sun and your differential backups on Mon-Fri, then you should set your AP to 6 days.

If you are backing up to disk, then you should use overwrite for all your jobs and let them use a separate media file.  There is no advantage in append to a disk media.  When you append to a media, the OPP gets extended.

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I am saving to file but the reason I wanted the full and its matching diffs to be in one file is so they expire together. If they are separate files then there will be a window of time where a full backup will be overwritten while the diffs matching it are still hanging around completely useless.

What is AP? I am guessing its the append period? Is this the same as the propection period? Where do I set the append period?

Obviously setting the protection period can not work since I want to be able to keep these generations for a lot longer than the amount of time between full backups. 

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AP is the append period which determines how long you can append to the media.  This is part of the media set properties like the OPP.