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SRT CD Creation

Created: 02 Jan 2013 | 5 comments

Hi friends.

Host Server( Redhat 5.5) , Netbackup 7.0.1

We were able to create SRT CD on host server using /usr/openv/netbackup/bmrsrtadm SRT creation procedure.

But when we are creating a new SRT CD, a following error message is occuring.

"There are 381352 kbytes of space left in /usr/openv. You will need about 597490 kbytes of space to install  the Netbackup client."

Is it mandatory to increase the partition size, everytime I create SRT.

Kindly advice

Thank You



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RamNagalla's picture


netbackup always reports if that does not find the minimum required amount of Free space to compleate the specified task.

so its always recommened to check the minimum required space before starting any taks.

yes.. you need to provide that minimum space to complete your taks.

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RHEL BMR SRT requires ~ 400-500 MB space. I think you might have given /usr/openv as the path to create your srt.

In that case you need the sufficient amount of space in given mountpoint to create SRT.



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I have space in other folders, how can I change the path from /usr/openv  to some other location while creating srt.

Kindly advice.

Thank You

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If I remember right, you have asked SRT location when you creating SRT from bprsrtadm. Just specify another location when asked.

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mandar_khanolkar's picture

Yes, as Yasuhisa mentioned bmrsrtadm -> create a new srt; will prompt you for SRT location. Here mention a directory which has sufficient space on its file system.