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Created: 17 Jun 2013 | 2 comments

Hi All,

Does anyone know if a HowTo document exists fro the SSE tools? I am looking for something that will give me an idea of interpreting the data presented, how to analyse it and the best way of making changes should issues be highlighted. As it is most of the information supplied means nothing to me and some idea of what I am seeing and how to use it woudl be great.



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SSE Tools incorporates parts of log viewers, some SQL and Server performance indicators and various other bits and pieces. What it is for is to consolidate a bunch of troubleshooting data into a single location for ease of use.

Unfortunately, SSE Tools by itself won't really be helpful if you already do not know what to look at/for.

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For those arriving from Google: SSE tools (19 page documentation included) I thought i'd add some searchability to this older post since it's easy to get here.

If you want a more tightly designed tool that leads you to black or white answers then try SMP Diag which gives hints to the reasons and leads you through at least some of the process.

We can start with some general things;

Troubleshooting landing page:

Or perhaps an attempt to directly answer the question:

Performance Counter Thresholds

Or head right for where I think you should go;

Optimising Database performance

Maintenance plans


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