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SSIM 4.5 disaster recovery procedure

Created: 27 Jun 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments
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We have from time to time the serious problems with SSIM software. In this case we must re-install SSIM 4.5 software and re-configure all SSIM elements. It is a very laborious job.
Do you know, when will be ready a complete disaster recovery procedure of SSIM 4.5?
The available on the platinum site migration tool is for transfer config from SSIM 4.0 to SSIM 4.5. What about transfer all config elements from SSIM 4.5 to SSIM 4.5? Now we can backup only SSIM's LDAP and DB2 database.
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Rebuilding SSIM is a laborious task for sure, especially if you ahve lapsed on your manual LDAP backup.
We here at Aetna will be using a combination of the NetBackup agent 6.x capturing scheduled local backups of the LDAP, ICE database, and event archive, and LDAP Master/Master replication between appliances.  Additionally, we would like to test out various failover configurations for both LDAP and the Agent-->Manager failover. 
We also forward the event stream to a second appliance to maintain separate, nearly identical event archives.  Only one appliance does correlation/reporting/alerting, but that role can be changed to another appliance in case of a primary failure.
Anyway, it is in the works here at Aetna, and will be happy to share in detail the methods, tools, etc we are using.  Currently, we need a way for the appliance to do a schduled backup of its own LDAP directory to set up a streamlined, easy way to recover form a primary failure, while maintaining a seemless event/correlation flow.
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Thank you Chris for your thinking about this.
Well, you wrote interesting concept of SSIM failover configuration. Unfortunately we don't have any experience with NetBackup software.
You wrote about two or more SSIMs. You know, we need just 2 SSIMs with correlation engine in HA mode. We don't know exactly how to switch one SSIM with second in case of some disaster. The each SSIM has own database and own event archives. The Agent can switch to the second SSIM appliance, but what will happen with events/summary event information? The information from one DB and another will be a bit different. We don't know how can we synchronize informations from two appliances. We think, maybe the solution could be a separate DB2 on external host but it can be a very difficult to realize. What do you think about this?