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SSIM replication database error and max SSIM EPS

Created: 14 Dec 2012 | 16 comments


i have replication problem.I received database db2_password corruption error. how to resolve it? I did follow the instruction for the 2 SSIM replication pdf.


What is the max EPS for SSIM on-box collector and off-box collector. I found max message per hour for Kiwi syslog is 300K per hour.

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Question 3

When i installed sidewinder off-box collector, i was told to install SESA installation. i can't find the application. can anyone direct me to the download page?

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When you install a offbox collector you first have to install the SSIM agent which can be downloaded for different platforms from the Web-UI.

For example for SSIM 4.7

Login to Web-UI of SSIM appliance and go to Home->Downloads

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Where do you get the db2_password corruption error? I never heard of such an error message.

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I had the same problem:

when i run

gsk7cmd.ssim -cert -extract -db /etc/symantec/ses/key.kdb -label SESA -target /tmp/master.crt -pw `/opt/Symantec/simserver/bin/ /etc/symantec/ses/key.sth`.                                                          Error id: GSKKM_ERR_DATABASE_PASSWORD_CORRUPTION
 DETAIL:  /etc/symantec/ses/key.kdb

gsk7cmd.ssim -cert -add -file /tmp/master.crt -db /etc/symantec/ses/key.kdb -label MasterCert -format ascii -trust enable -pw `/opt/Symantec/simserver/bin/ /etc/symantec/ses/key.sth` /* Error id: GSKKM_ERR_KEYDB_NOT_EXIST
 DETAIL: /etc/symantec/ses/key.db

gsk7cmd.ssim -cert -extract -db /etc/symantec/ses/key.kdb -label SESA -target /tmp/replica1.crt -pw `/opt/Symantec/simserver/bin/ /etc/symantec/ses/key.sth`                                                                 Error id: GSKKM_ERR_DATABASE_PASSWORD_CORRUPTION
        DETAILS: /etc/symantec/ses/key.kdb

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What happens when you rubn the following command:

/opt/Symantec/simserver/bin/ /etc/symantec/ses/key.sth

This should return the password for your key database.

Does it start with any special character like "-".

Also be aware about the ticks you use. They are forward ticks `, not the normal tick '.

You can also use the password which is returned from the command. For example when it returns ndg563kdhty:

gsk7cmd.ssim -cert -extract -db /etc/symantec/ses/key.kdb -label SESA -target /tmp/replica1.crt -pw ndg563kdhty

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i installed SSIM agent but when i install sidewinder collector, It prompt me that SESA installation is missing.

I install juniper, snare off-box collector, i have no sure problem

i uninstalled SSIM agent and reinstalled SSIM agent, problem still persist.

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Are you trying to install the sidewinder collector on a 64-bit machine?

The problem is that the old 4.2 collectors were not designed to install on a 64-bit system.

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yes, i am using sidewinder collector on a 64-bit machine.

What should i do? who should i approach for solution? Or if i can get a download site from you?

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I encounter problem.

/opt/Symantec/simserver/bin/ /etc/symantec/ses/key.sth

gsk7cmd.ssim -cert -extract -db /etc/symantec/ses/key.kdb -label SESA -target /tmp/replica1.crt -pw ?ScSI5KuQfIsv


Please refer to the GSKCapiCmd User's Guide
details: /etc/symantec/ses/key.kdb

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I tried on a SSIM 4.7.4 appliance with a password starting with a ?, but I don't see this problem.

Can you put the password into double quotes, like is described here.

IMPORTANT: On Unix type operating systems it is recommended to always

encapsulate string values associated with all tags in double quotes (“”). You

will also need to escape, using a ‘\’ character, the following characters if they

appear in the string values: ‘!’, ‘\’, ‘”’, ‘`’. This will prevent some command

line shells from interpreting specific characters within these values. (e.g.

gsk7capicmd –keydb –create –db “/tmp/key.kdb” –pw “j\!jj”). Note however

when prompted by gsk7capicmd for a value (for example a password) quoting

the string and adding the escape characters should not be done. This is because

the shell is no longer influencing this input.

So in your case:

gsk7cmd.ssim -cert -extract -db /etc/symantec/ses/key.kdb -label SESA -target /tmp/replica1.crt -pw "?ScSI5KuQfIsv"


gsk7cmd.ssim -cert -extract -db /etc/symantec/ses/key.kdb -label SESA -target /tmp/replica1.crt -pw "`/opt/Symantec/simserver/bin/ /etc/symantec/ses/key.sth`"

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I was told by my collegue sidewinder collector run successfully on 64bit OS and isn't SESA installation supposed to be with agent installation?

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The collector install.bat doesn't detect the path where the agent is installed.

This is a problem of 4.2 collectors.

4.3 collectors and later willl detect the path of the agent installation correctly.

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I resolved the collector problem yesterday so agent can recognise the path. Tested working.

Now leaving only data replication.

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maximum EPS per collector on box, off box is ~2200

Thus if i have snare offbox collector, sidewinder collector, juniper collector,

6600 events, can event agent take this bulk of EPS of there is no limit

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Hi olaf

I have two SSIM and i need a simple HA solution but without avail.

Can you offer some guide(pdf file, link) and solution?

Also Happy Christmas

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I am wondering if LDAP replication is part of the SSIM slave-msater replication?
I was told by my collegue it may not be the same