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SSIM SEP Collector not posting data

Created: 26 Nov 2012 | 2 comments
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I'm not really sure which component is misfiring here.  I've looked at the SEP Collector logs and I do not see any errors.  The log ends with:

INFO 2012-11-26 00:59:03,723 Collectors.3165.wGroup.[workinggroup0].Sensor.[Sensor_0] Thread-23 JDBC driver: driverName = "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver", driverVersion = "1.2.2828.100", majorVersion = "1", minorVersion = "2"
INFO 2012-11-26 00:59:03,723 Collectors.3165.wGroup.[workinggroup0].Sensor.[Sensor_0] Thread-23 Database: productName = "Microsoft SQL Server", productVersion = "10.50.1600", productMajorVersion = "10", productMinorVersion = "50"
I've seen some errors in the SSIM agent log, but ultimately, the agent is working:
Symantec Event Agent status:  running
Listening on:
Sending on Port:  443
SSL:  On
SSIM Server URL:  https://[SSIM Server IP]:443/sesa/servlet/
Outbound Thread State:  CONNECTED
Java Version:  1.6.0_22
Queue Status
  Total event accepted:  1885
  Total events forwarded:  1883
  Entried waiting in queue:  2
  Queue File:  .\QueueFiles\filequeue.135101041415.que
  Flush Size:  512
  Flush Time (sec):  4
  Spool Size (KB):  20000
  Max Queue Size (KB):  800000
HTTP forwarding statistics:
  Total number of HTTP post failures:  0
Event Acceptor HTTP ThreadPool:
  Thread 0 status = IDLE
  Thread 1 status = IDLE
  Thread 2 status = IDLE
  Thread 3 status = IDLE
Last state update time:  Mon Nov 26 00:59:44 PST 2012
Last configuration download request time:  none
Last configuration update invocation time:  Mon Nov 26 01:44:10 PST 2012
Last configuration update completion time:  Mon Nov 26 01:44:11 PST 2012
Thanks in advance for any assistance!  

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Sorry, to add to that, I do have a XML file, workinggroup0.xml under the SEP collector folder which seems to contain SEP data.  Also, we are running SSIM 4.7 and the SEP collector is version 4.30.00.  The SEP collector is installed on a Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition.  SEP is on a Windows 2008 Server R2 with the sem5 database on SQL Server 2008 R2 on the same box as SEP.  

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could you post more of your log file ?

Did you run liveupdate on collector ?

Are you talking about SEP Collector or SEP State Collector ?