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SSIM System Monitor Rules

Created: 25 Jun 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments
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In the Rules Tab exists subtree Monitors and I would ask about it.
Firstly, why all the columns are titled by "???" It's a bug?
Secondly, appendix J in the admin guide informs that notification services for Asset Detector aren't supported so far.  Are there any changes on that matter?
Thirdly, could anyone describe process of creation custom system monitor? There is possibility of import custom *.jar file, but documentation doesn't contain any information about that issue. I'm assuming that it's possible to create custom java monitor but it will be good to have some guidelines for it e.g. technical brief, extended developer guide (not only about WS) or something like that.


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Hi antilles,

I can answer your third question.  As of right now, the SSIM development team is responsible for the creation of new Monitor event rules.  We are working closely with a few customers who have custom java rules they would like to implement that are most efficiently solved with Monitors.

For all other custom java rules, the supported development method is with the recently released Event Listener SDK.  This allows the developer to create a new Java application that will receive events from SSIM and perform any desired analysis, sending the results back to the SSIM device.  These rules are functionally equivalent to Monitor rules, but are maintained off the SSIM appliance.

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about  creating new Event Listeners -- indeed, that was one of the principle reasons for creating this forum.  If you do not yet have the SDK, please message or email me and we'll figure out how you can get it.



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Hi Jake,

I checked and I have access to Event Listener SDK about you wrote. I will look at it and probably then I will have further questions. Thanks for detailed answer.