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SSIM v4.6 - Importing assets

Created: 11 Dec 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments



I am trying to import assets from a pre-existing asset spreadsheet and I am continually getting an error when trying the import.


The process I have tried is as follows:


1) Export current asset entries to CSV (only a couple of entries exist)

2) Paste in new information (hostnames / IP addresses)

3) Save file and re-import

4) FAIL!


Any hints or suggestions would be much appreciated as we have 450 devices to import!


I have seen another article suggesting adding "" to each entry but that would be extremely time consuming.


When opening the CSV in notepad+ and manually adding a line before saving it can be re-imported.

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Rob Pecor's picture

What error are you seeing?


I would guess that when you are editing that file, the format is not exactly correct.


What I would suggest is to create one Asset in SSIM 4.6 that has all information filled out, including hostname, IP addresses, etc.  Then export that.  Then use that file as a template to edit other Asset export files.

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You will need the exact nuber of field in each line.


Adding the "" for each field at the end of a line isn't that time consuming with the right tool.


Let's say you have a file with a list of 400 machines with hostname,IP-address in a file and you want to ad the "" for the missing field you can run the command sed on a Linux machine.


You assetfile looks like that:




sed s/$/, \"\", \"\", \"\", \"\", \"\", \"\", \"\", \"\", \" \", \"\"/g assetfile > newassetfile



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Correction to my last post.


The command to run is the following:


sed "s/$/, \"\", \"\", \"\", \"\", \"\", \"\", \"\", \"\", \" \", \"\"/g" assetfile > newassetfile


This will add the 10 missing fields to each line.

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Thanks both for your replies and suggestions.  I had hoped there would be an easy way of adding the extra info / fields.  My feeling is that it is using Microsoft Windows / Office that is causing most of the problem!


I'll give sed a go!