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SSR 2011 Incremental and Differential backups

Created: 08 Jul 2013 | 8 comments

Hello all

i got SSR 2011 and i would like to make Incremental and Differential backups.

i can only find the option to make a full backup

so can anyone assist me

and tell me how i have to do this ?

Thanks in regards


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There is no such thing as differential backups in SSR but it can do incrementals.

If you create a recovery point set (default option) - the first backup will be a full, then it will run incremental backups according to the schedule you set.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for youre respone Chris.

Okay i fount the option for incremental so
help me with this ( im dotn know how it works so).
if i want the following setup sunday full back up and the rest of the days incremental
how many recovery points do i need to set for the full back up and howmany for the incremental?

Or can i do it will all in 1 job ? cause now i got 2..

thnx in regards

Chris Riley's picture

You just need to set the schedule to run on the days you want it to. If you want the full on the Sunday, you need to ensure the job runs for the first time on Sunday (as I said, first job will always be a full).

how many recovery points do i need to set for the full back up and howmany for the incremental?

There are a couple of things to consider here. When you create the job, you specify how many sets you want to keep (a set is the full and all associated incrementals). On the schedule screen you can also configure it to create a new set weekly/monthly etc. You only need 1 backup job.

Hope that helps.

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is het ook mogenlijk met ssr 2011 als hij een backup heeft gemaakt dat hij zijn succes of failure door laat mailen ?

Ik weet dat het bij backup exec kan maar ik kan het in ssr even niet vinden

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In English please? wink

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Ah lol sorry my bad

Is it posseble to get an email of the backup jobs if they succeded ? in ssr.

i know its posseble in backup exec

but i can find the option in ssr

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Yes, this can be done in SSR.

Just go to Tasks--Options--SMTP Email.

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I called tech support today and together we made this work the following way:

1. Open Restore Window

2. Select the drive (though you can't select the checkbox you surely can mark the drive letter

3. Click on search catalogs

4, In catalogs window select check box "search directories"

5. enter the search mask e.g. foldername: "myfolder"/ path: "grandparentfolder\parentfolder". Ressource should be filled in yet due to marking it in 2.

6. click on start and sort results by size. All relevant backup dates should have > 0kB size and should be marked for restorage

7. Click on Apply

I got my files back!!!! Thanks symantec technical support