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SSR 2011 Restore to VMWare Host ESXi V5 does not work

Created: 04 Oct 2012 | 7 comments

We had no problem restoring SSR images to virtual machines on ESXi V4.  It worked for virtual XP machines as well as Server 2003 and Server 2008.

Now that we have updated to ESXi V5, images made from Server 2003 (64bit) and Server 2008 (64 bit) machines do not work.  Curiously, XP machines do restore correctly.  (Using SSR v 10.0.3 and SRD 10.0.3)

Note that these are not conversions.  We are creating SSR images from the virtual machines and trying to restore to newly created virtual machines on the same host with identical VM settings.

To be specific, Server 2008 R2 machines with System Reserved Partitions get to Windows Boot manager, but then get a blue screen of death with the OS starts to load.

Server 2008 machines without System Reserved partitions go directly to the blue screen of death.  So do 64bit 2003 machines.

We're aware that the conversion of SSR images to VMware directly (P2V) is not supported by Symantec for VMware V5, but other discussions on this forum imply that standard restore of images should work.


Any suggestions?

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Yes, this should work and is supported.

Support for P2V to ESX5 will come with SSR 2013 which is released in Dec 2012.

I wonder if this is specific to x64 machines? Are you able to test with a 32bit 2003/2008 server?

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Also, is this ESX 5 or 5.1?

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Thanks for your help.  I hope I can maintain your interest in this.  I have an issue open with Symantec support, but not getting anywhere.   420-134-091

(I'm using VMWare ESXi 5.0)

This is what I've found.

1.  For a server 2008 R2 server created fresh in VMWare ESXi 5.0, SSR 10.0.3 can create an image and restore from that image-- no problem.

2.  For a server 2008 R2 server running on ESXi 5.0 that was created when the server was v4.1 and contintues to run now that the VMWare host has been updated to v5.0, the images created by SSR fail during driver load with a blue screen.  Difficult to understand, since the image is made while the server is running on v5.0 and the server can be rebooted with no problem, but the image (which must have the same list of drivers) crashes.

3.  Images made from hardware server 2008 R2 boxes (i.e., not virtualized) create images that crash in the same way on v5.0 as those created on v4.1.  This is peculiar since we routinely brought images from hardware servers onto VMware 4.1 and they worked fine.  This was how we virtualized all our servers.

I've been forced to create virgin VMs on the ESXi 5.0, load server 2008 R2, and use arcserver to copy the contents of the vm's on v5.0 onto the new VM 2008 R2s.  I guess because Arcserve is a file based load, it isn't having the same problem.  And these newly created versions of the existing server 2008 R2 vms CAN be imaged by SSR and brought back by the recovery disk.  No blue screen.

Any ideas?  Sounds like the images are being offset somehow on the virtual disks, and bringing them back makes them fail during some sensitive part of the boot.

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I currently don't have access to an ESX5 server so am unable to test this myself.

I had a quick look at the case and can see that you have been given some incorrect information. SSR 2011 does support ESX5. It's just the P2V functionality that is not currently supported.

I have pointed this out to the engineer working on the case.

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Thank you.  I've been contacted today by Symantec US support, and will be sending debugging information to the engineer.  It feels like we are interacting with the right people, now.  Will post a fix here, if we arrive at one.

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Is the problem with P2V on the backup side or the restore side?  We have SSR 2011.  I was wondering if I could use a 2011 image and restore it with a 2013 boot ISO into a new VM to accomplish the P2V.



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Remember, I was not using P2V; I was creating standard SSR images, then restoring the images.

We've found that for creating VMs, the VMware vCenter Converter works well (at least v5.1).

The bug I was dealing with related to the driver for the virtual disk.  I've been manually rebuilding older VMs into v5.1 VMs.  v5.1 VMs go back and forth with Symantec SSR with no problem (create an image, restore the VM from the image.)  I don't use P2V.