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SSR 2013 and Nvidia driver conflict

Created: 08 Jan 2013 | 5 comments

Just installed SSR 2013 Desktop Edition to see how it compares to 2011 SP3 Desktop Edition...

After installing the upgrade (and rebooting) I received the "cannot enumerate drives" issue and "status unknown" in the main SSR window. I used MSCONFIG to see if another service was in conflict and through trial and error found that if I disable the "Nvidia Display Driver Service", then SSR 2013 works fine. There may be an updated NVidia driver that could correct the conflict...however it worked fine along side SSR 2011. It may just be conditions on my laptop...but I hope I don't experience similar issues when I choose to roll out the update (we have many systems with Nvidia graphics!). Anyone else experiencing similar conflicts?

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I presume ,that the latest set of drivers are installed for Nvidia.

If what you are reffering is the case would request you to open a case with Symantec so that this case be investigated



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Did you reboot after the upgrade to 2013? If you don't reboot after an upgrade, you'll see that error. When you used MSCONFIG, Windows forced a reboot, which might have also been the reboot required by SSR 2013.

Andreas Horlacher

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Yes I did do the reboot before even starting the SSR 2013 program.

I can still reproduce the issue back and forth be using msconfig:


Disable the Nvidia Display Driver Service


SSR 2013 works fine


Enable the Nvidia Display Driver Service


SSR 2013 unable to enumerate error

I've also checked for the latest Nvidia drivers but it is a fairly old laptop Dell Latitude D830 and it was fine with SSR 2011 SP3.

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This should be investigated futher. Can you contact support and open a support case?

Andreas Horlacher

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Can you please confirm the state of "SymtrackService" in services.msc when nVidia display service is started?

We'll need logs for further investigation. Please open a support case for the same.