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SSR 2013 and Windows 8.1

Created: 03 Jul 2013 | 22 comments
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Hi All

I know the official response is that it's not supported ;-), but have anyone tried and is it working?

I keep on getting

-Error E4F3000E: Snapshot failure while using Volume Shadow Copy Service. Please check application event log for VSS errors. Error code: VSS_E_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE (-2147212513).


And then most of the VSS Writers timeout

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Yes, you are correct. Windows 8.1 is not yet supported.

Which volume(s) are you trying to back up when this happens? Try to narrow it down. If it happens when backing up the recovery partition, PBR, WinRETools or other partition, this is a known issue that we are working with Microsoft on resolving. 

Andreas Horlacher

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Clean Install

Booting UEFI

The Message says C:\ failed to backed

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As already noted, 8.1 is not supported yet.

However, this is almost certainly caused by lack of disk space for VSS to create a snapshot:

NOTE: Another possible cause is that the volume does not have enough free space to create a VSS snapshot. As per Microsoft, if the volume is less than 500MB in size, VSS requires 32MB of free space. If the volume is 500MB or greater, VSS requires 320MB of free space.

For more information, refer to:

Taken from:

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Just an update, got my hands on the 8.1 RTM bits and so far working flawlessly ;-)

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That's good to hear but please note that 8.1 is not supported yet.

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Is there a status on SSR 2013 and Windows 8.1?  Just updated and found it does not work.

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Support for Windows 8.1 will be added in SP2 for SSR 2013.

Expected release of SP2 is around Feb 2014. Dates are subject to change though.

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Hey Chris,

Since SSR13 is not yet officially supported as install in windows 8.1. Can we use the recovery disk to backup and restore windows 8.1 partitions?

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You can but as I said, you wont get any support from Symantec at this time. You'll have to wait for SP2 before Win 8.1 is officially supported.

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I had SSR 2013 installed when I upgraded to Win 8.1 and it still works, but there are some bugs. Will they be fixed with the SP2. BTW. how is SP1 shown in  the About section?        

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Yes, the release Chris mentioned is slated to have support for 8.1 in it. Most users are reporting the same thing you are -- that it works -- but from a support perspective, if something goes awry, we'll ask you to hold off creating a support case until SP2 releases. 

Help > About should show is you have SP1, if not.

Andreas Horlacher

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(I have post this also on a other place, sorry)

I am new here and my first install crashed my Windows with a blue screen, after restoring it (reparing etc. did not work) with Acronis I had my system again working pffff. Now I had to try the second time ofcourse (I always could go back now) and the installing worked perfect this time, only the drives in my system are not seen bij SSR, not one drive is seen (normal SATA 1 Tb with 3 partitions NTFS nothing special).

When the site had told me what I reed here now, that SSR is compatible with Windows 8.0 then there must have stand but NOT Windows 8.1, because this is my system, now I have a 60 day's trail version and I must wait until Symantec comes with a new build version for Windows 8.1...............

Btw I wanted to test Backup Exec 2013 ofcourse.

Now I reed that maybe SP2 comes in feb. 2014..?? how can I test this with the 60 days trail..? 

Regards, Bernard

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Please refer to the SCL for what is currently supported with SSR 2013:

As far as Windows 8.1 is concerned, this is currently not supported as it has not been tested with the current released version of SSR. Because of this, it may or may not work for you.

I know this is not what you want to hear but this is the current situation as far as Windows 8.1 is concerned.

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my copy of SSR 2013 supports Win8.1 I have done three recoveries now and all worked ok. I tried with LOR but that failed.


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Whilst it may work, it's not considered supported by us (Symantec) until SP2 is released. That is the point I was trying to make.


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Are we still looking at February for it to support 8.1?


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Currently this is planned for end of Feb / early March.

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I should have replied to Chris. Sorry.


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Hi, I would like to know why symantec which was the market leader, today always comes last with the new versions for Microsoft operating systems. it is unacceptable for system recovery after 3 months is not yet compatible with Windows 8.1. I am your customer for many years but if I can not count on quick release of your products that are compatible with the latest versions of Windows client and server I'll have to turn to other suppliers