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SSR 2013 Backups, upgraded from Norton Ghost 15

Created: 15 May 2013 • Updated: 15 May 2013 | 1 comment

I need help with the backup and restore, actions of SSR2013.

1. When you go into Recover my Computer, Image Firmware Type is normally,  BIOS, but for some strange reason occasionally, you get the word FIRMWARE INDEPENDENT, what is this?

2. When i did a test restore i found it that had removed some of the daily backup files, so i could not restore backwards to a different date.

 Why has this happened?

I did not have these problems with Norton Ghost 15.

What have i done wrong? See Above.

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If you used SSR 2013 to recover G15 .v2i files that may be the reason you get the change and in my case (multi boot) each file is listed independently.

Try running a completely new backup with SSR 2013 using "define new" to create the base backup and thereafter incrementals.

I always use "One Time Backups" because that suits my needs but I do get the files listed as you explain if I choose to boot with the SSR 2013 SRD and locate the G15 files, the SSR files are as you would expect, are listed as BIOS.