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SSR 2013 Desktop

Created: 17 Aug 2013 | 4 comments
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I am getting following error:

Error EC8F1780: Cannot successfully reconcile changes since last session.

                Error EC8F1771: Cannot enumerate the current drives on this system.

                                Error E0BB0147: The operation 'Snap Volume' is not currently enabled for this Volume.

Details: 0xE0BB0147

Tech article # 209599 seems to apply but says it is for Server 2008.

Is the solution applicable to Win7?


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I'd give it a try.

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Are you using SSR 2013 on this machine? If this after installing the software?

Andreas Horlacher

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yes, SSR 2103.

It may have been an install that did not complete after the initial reboot.

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Yes, try that technote. Also, when you launch the SSR 2013 installation, right-mouse click on the BROWSER.EXE file and choose to run as administrator. Or, log into the administrator account directly and launch the installation from there.

Andreas Horlacher

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