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SSR 2013 Desktop Discount Code for Ghost users?

Created: 23 Mar 2013 • Updated: 25 Mar 2013 | 5 comments

As a licensed user of Ghost 15 (and many previous versions), I downloaded/subscribed to the SSR 2013 Desktop trial.  In the initial email sent to me Symantec said:

"At any time during the trial period, you can purchase Symantec System Recovery 2013 for an exclusive discount of over 40% off MSRP! A coupon code will be sent to you during your trial period."

According to the Symantec website, the price is $84.87 for one license.

My questions are:

1. When will I get my "over 40% off MSRP" discount code sent to me?

2. What will be the "over 40%" deal (40% off of $84.87 = $50.92)?  Anyone can buy the SSR 2013 Desktop edition at CDW for $49.99 so I assume Symantec is going to give long time loyal existing Norton Ghost customers like me a better "exclusive" discount than that, right?

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JohnTech's picture

I think I got the answer from a Norton Ghost forum thread:

It appears that you can buy a "certificate" from several availabel retailers (CDW, Dell, or Symantec) that will have the serial number for activation.

I'm happy with the results of my SSR 2013 Desktop edition trial experience so far, so I'm just waiting for announcement of the official upgrade price for former Norton Ghost customers.  And what the actual discount will be.

Gr11zzly's picture

Gee $85??  My page tells me its $A125 which at today's exchange rate is $US128!! Oh and No mention of any discount.  Not happy

Gr11zzly's picture

Gee $85??  My page tells me its $A125 which at today's exchange rate is $US128!! Oh and No mention of any discount.  Not happy.

Seems the US price is WAYY less than the Australian price and the link about will not deal with non North Americans :(

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I have also been trying SSR 2013 (Desktop Version) and I'am so far satisfied with the product, but I'am concerned about future support. As a long time Ghost user I learned that communications and/or support was non-existent. I was lucky in that any problems that I encountered weren't show stoppers. I really don't want to deal with the same difficulties again, so I'm reluctant to make this purchase.

The fact that Symantec hasn't communicated the conditions of the upgrade offer at all since the initial email stating the 40% discount concerns me..

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as a former Ghost user, now using  SSR 2013 trial version, i, too need to ask the question that should be on the top of the list for all of us Ghost users:

i know that this has been asked and answered before, but the answer does not tell me more than be patient.

when will the 40% off coupon / voucher for purchasing SSR 2013 be emailed ??

i have been using & testing the SSR 2013 trial version successfully for a month.  i really don't want to wait untill the 59th day of my trial.

please advise