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SSR 2013 Recovery Disk Does Not Boot

Created: 29 Apr 2014 | 8 comments

I have the SSR 2013 Recovery Disk and Have also downloaded the SSR 2013 SP2 Recovery Disk and neither will boot for over 30-45 minutes.

What has gone wrong with this product.

SSR 2011 works fine and boots up in a couple of minutes.

With SSR 2013 it just sits at the Black Screen with the Blue Windows Logo does not show any activity until over 30-45 minutes.

This is with various hardware mostly x64 based but some 32-bit also. I have also tried running it in a VM but that crashes also.

Am I missing something?

I having to look at another product now due to the issues with the 2013 Recovery Disk.

I have a support call open with Symantec on this issue but they don't understand the issue, fob off after fob off.

They have just asked me to download a tool onto the desktop!!!

I don't have a desktop, the os haqs corrupted hence why I need the recovery disk to restore it.

Sadly I'm going to have to look at another product unless this is resolved, it's a shame as I've been using it since v7.5 but this version is a disaster.

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I have a support call open with Symantec on this issue but they don't understand the issue, fob off after fob off.

Can you please provide your case number so that I can look into this for you?

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Thanks. I will discuss this with the assigned engineer when I get a chance.

You say it crashes on a VM. What do you mean by this exactly?

Are you using CD/DVD or USB for the recovery disk?

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Hi Chris,

I have got it to work now on a VM, apologies that was a bit of a red herring.

I'm trying both CD/DVD and USB.

The issue is the length of time it takes to Kick in.

on 2011 it took less than 30 seconds from boot to kick in and "windows loading files"

In 2013 it displays the Blue Windows Logo after 30 seconds and then 10 minutes (on a good spec of machine) later it kicks in with the progress circle underneath before moving onto the language and accept licence screens.

The restore works once loaded.

The issue is the length of time before it kicks in, on minimum spec it's about 30 minutes rather than 10, which is unacceptable in a DR situation.

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So how quickly does the recovery disk load on the VM?

Do you have any physical machines where the 2013 recovery disk loads in an acceptable time or are all physical machines affected by this problem?

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Any updates ?

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Hi Chris,

It runs through faster on a VM but still takes about 3 minutes.

No machines are acceptable all take 10 minutes at least.

I have done a Windows 8 WinPe boot CD and USB (both x86 and x64) and both of them take 30 seconds to get to the progress circle boot, compared to 10 minutes for the SRD (both x86 and x64).

It's clear there is an issue with the Recovery Disks as they are based on the Windows 8 WinPE.

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Yes, I was the one that suggested testing the vanilla Win 8.1 WinPE boot disk - I wanted to see if the issue was with WinPE or SSR.

I'm currently investigating this further...