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SSR Desktop Edition Information Required

Created: 13 May 2013 • Updated: 13 May 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi Experts,

I'm running to your forum in the hopes I can get some information up-front for research/proposal work that needs to be completed.

We have a client with a need for image-based backups of exec laptops, which need to be restored quickly. SSR appears to fulfill this requirement (I understand basically how it works by using VSS and how it backs up to disk)...but I have a couple of questions:

1. How is the application licensed? Can you buy packs of licenses like DLO, or are they individual?

2. Are jobs scheduled, or can they be done manually too? Can they run across a WAN link (fixed line) or 3G?

3. How do you stream off to tape? Or would something like the HP D2D/EMC DataDomain work with the data being duplicated to a central location?

4. Any deduplication involved in the backups? ie...Laptop 2 running Windows 7 won't have the entire C:\ backed up after the primary backup of Laptop 1?

5. Any Gartner report on SSR that I can leverage?

6. Is this a server-client setup? Management software installed on a server and an agent on the laptops?



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  1. Please contact our licensing team for license questions.
  2. They can be run via a schedule and manually. Across a WAN link? Technically yes but the performance will need to be good - base (full) recovery points can be VERY big these days (100+ GB in some cases) so this is probably not a good idea.
  3. There is NO tape support within SSR. Of course, you could just use something like Backup Exec to archive off to tape.
  4. Unfortunately there is no dedupe in the current version of SSR.
  5. Not that I know of.
  6. We have the management solution (Altiris-based) that can be used for central management (via policies). This is designed for larger (50+ clients) environments. The management solution is optional though.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Chris...Altiris is a dog and if I don't have to propose that I will stay well clear of it. Any plug-ins for Microsoft SCOM?

So there is no means to have a central admin server (like BE's CASO) that is simply SSR with a license to unlock that functionality?

Restores won't happen across a WAN link (who does that??? wink), and sorry, I meant to say VPN, not WAN. Backups would take place across a 3G/fixed-line connection if not locally connected.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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There is nothing available for SCOM that I know of.

Nope, no CASO option for SSR. Just the management solution and SSR Monitor (small utility designed for monitoring backup status of remote machines). Both are free.

Let me know if you have any further questions.