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SSR Installation

Created: 02 Aug 2013 | 5 comments

I am trying to install my SSR but the software only gets to the point where it asks for driver validation. Whether I do the validation or not it does not go any further to install the product. The driver validation fails and therefore to create a Custom SSRDisk I have to start the program. But it does not install?!

Can somone please help.

I tried to create a support case but the website asks for the version number and nothing I insert is acceptable. What the is the "version number"?

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Your using the recovery disk and not the program installer.

There are 2 seperate downloads you need, one for the recovery disks and the installer is in a zip file that contains the words "" in it's name.


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Thank you. The file I downloaded was named ""

This file was unzipped and the two it contains is "" and "".

Since I am running Windows XP SP3 I unzipped the file "".

Is sometihnig missing here?

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Yes, your missing the program installer.

Go here and download the one ending in ""


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Dave, this file is an evaluation package. Will this be converted to a full version when I enter my license number? I will only be able to install this file tonight.

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Yes, it will be licensed.