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SSR - Why are OS drive incremental backups so big? Windows SBS

Created: 22 Apr 2013 • Updated: 22 Apr 2013 | 5 comments


I work with a number of servers that use BESR/SSR.  I have noticed that some have daily incrementals that are 2GB, while others are 11GB.  SBS servers seem to be the big culprit in this, however they don't all do it.  I don't think it is a heavily used share as all our user shares are on the data volume.  I'm trying to isolate what it could be by disabling different DB's/services, but not getting anywhere fast.  

Any Ideas?


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Check if those systems have a scheduled defrag.

Since it's a sector by sector based image, a large incremental should be caused by either adding a considerable amount of data or movement of that data on the drive.


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Negative on the defrag.  I'm thinking various logs that overwrite automatically, SEP AV defs, etc.  Going to investigate.

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I'll tell you how I do it if it's any help.  But you will need to use a workstation or another system that has SSR installed beause the system will bog down considerably doing this and I'm not sure this program will install on a server.  So if you have another system handy running XP\7 that you can copy some images too this should work.

I use this free open source program called Winmerge because unlike WinDiff it can compare drives and folders by size.

It needs to be setup first by going to: Edit> options> compare then in the drop down box select "size"

Then I mount 2 recovery points at the same time as different drive letters.  You want to select a "big" incremental and the one right before it.

Then click File > Open and select the 2 mounted drives, one on each side.  After it runs you will see exactly what took up that space if new data was indeed added to the larger system image.

Best of luck


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Great idea Dave!  That got me lots of information to work with!

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- what is the version of SSR being used 

- if this was a upgrade , please confirm if the behaviour started recently ?

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