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SSR2013 and Dell Utility Partition

Created: 07 Feb 2013 | 4 comments

We have Dell Powervalt NX3100 with Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Standard.

This server has 2 disks:

Disk0 - Basic 278 GB contains

Partition1 - Dell Utility - 32 MB

Partition2 - Recovery - 2GB

Partition3 - OS - 80GB

Partition4 - DATAPART1 - 196 GB

Disk1 - Basic 10 TB Contains

Partition1- Basic -10 TB.

Server has SSr2013 Server Edition Installed.

All disks and partitions are visible in SSR2013

See Attached 1.jpg

New Backup Job is created. All partitions are visible.

See Attached 2.jpg

Partion1, Partition2 and Partition3 are selected to be backed. Job is saved. Then job run and images of 3 partitions are created.

Then Job is edited. Partion 1 is disppeared from selection and list on first screen of Job editing task.

See Attached 3.jpg

And then images of Partitin2 and Partition3 is created? but not Partition1.

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Please check link below

Hope that helps



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Thanks for reply.

None help.

All partitions are visible in "Drives" Tab. (and dell utility part too).

All partitions are visible in "Define New Backup Job". (and dell utility part too).

But Dell Utility Partition is not visible in "One time Backup" and in "Editing Settings.." of existing job.

But it is all OK in SSR2011. All partitions are visible in all tasks.

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Is this a fresh install or a upgrade from earlier version.

I will request you to open a support ticket with System Recovery to get into more details of it.

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In both cases (fresh install or a upgrade from earlier version) are same things.

I open case #03650597.