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SSR2013 and User data in Users\USERID\Appdata\Roaming

Created: 02 Mar 2013 | 2 comments

Got a problem... want to back up the folder containing my Thunderbird e-mails. They are in a specific PROFILE folder. I can NOT see that folder, my USERID doesn't show Appdata, even when I run SSR2013 as Administrator?

Short of running a CMD file to copy that elsewhere, say on every shutdown and THEN using SSR to do the same (redundant probably anyway in that case) is there a way to indicate to SSR that that folder should be imaged on a schedule?

Irv S.

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Mahesh.Nayak's picture

Are you taking a Drive level backup or a file and folder level backup ?

Whe you inform you cannot see the folder ( do we mean explorere view ) ?

Please ensure taht you have enabled hidden files option under view.. 

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IrvS's picture

I'm trying to back up the Thunderbird folder in appdata\roaming.

When I open ADD FOLDER and then BROWSE I can navigate to USERS\IRV (my UserID) but I do NOT see APPDATA! This is all within SSR 2013. Using Explorer which I've set to see the hidden files or the command prompt I can get to see it. SSR can not! I've even run it as Administrator and it will not see it.

Where in SSR can I enable showing hidden files?

Here is a LINK to a video of my problem :

Irv S.