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SSRS FSA Reporting - List all archived files

Created: 24 Jan 2014 • Updated: 27 Jan 2014 | 4 comments
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We've recently set up FSA reporting for our EV9 deployment. With the pre-built reports, it's possible to view the archived file count by server, volume and filetype. Ideally, we'd also like to see the full names/paths of these files via a custom report. I've poked around the data source for FSA reporting, but haven't come across any fields containg filenames.

Does someone know if filenames are recorded in the FSA reporting database? If not, any ideas on where filenames might be recorded in one of the EV databases?

Thanks for the help!

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Filenames are not recorded in the database
They are recorded within the physical DVS files themselves, and from within the index
You could do a search of your file system for anything with an Offline attribute and be sure not to restore any of the items, and it won't account for items that have been recalled. But it would be slow

The quickest way would be to use indexing calls. but without the API Guide it's difficult, and that costs because its only available to STEP partners

So really you only have two options without scanning the file servers
and thats http://yourEVServer/EnterpriseVault/Search.asp?adv...
Set the result set to be brief, and return 500, then you will have a list of 500 items per page, but its not really going to tell you easily where the files are located

Or you could run a DA search across the entire set of FSA archives and the filenames will be stored in the tblIntDiscoveredItems, but again you need Discovery Accelerator and you would have to run additional DB queries to determine the correct file path, as i believe it will only show filenames and not paths

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The filename is contained in an XML string in the DB so that string has to be parsed in a query to obtain the name.  It is possible to get all the information from a SQL query.  

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Oh in the FPDB? Didn't even think about that

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It is in the SavesetProperty table of the VSDB.  The Properties entry contains XML data for FSA archived files.