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Stacking appliances

Created: 09 Aug 2010 | 3 comments

We are replacing our websense filters with symantec web gateway appliances.  Our vendor misquoted us on the device vs our end user count.  Instead of giving the larger device that would handle 10000 or so users we were given 2 devices that handle about 1000 users each and told we could stack them.  

Is there any guides on how to set this up?  I have a feeling the term "stack" was misused and it is more like splitting traffic or using one as a management station and the other as a filter.


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kristopherjturner's picture

PhxSlayer, not familar with that term with the Web Gateway from Symantec.  Not an expert either but I would contact your vendor and request the 8490 instead.  Would think it would end up being cheaper anyway due to the cost of the two appliances compared to one?

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Hi Chris,

So how many users do you currently have and any idea on the number of concurrent users browsing at any one time?

In terms of the hardware two 8450's would still actually be quite a bit cheaper than one 8490.

In terms of deployment though, how you would deploy two 8450's would depend on the environment, but in most cases it's going to require some kind of load balancing.


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Sorry, didn't see that you responded.  Not sure on the original question.  I myself haven't heard that it is possible.  Maybe a load balancer?

During the school year we can have as many as 5000+ concurrent users at one time.  The district is about 25,000 students not including staff.