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Created: 16 Jul 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 2 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I was asked for advise on how to recover from DRL log in STALE state.
More than 20 volumes look like this:

v lvscu - ENABLED ACTIVE 62914560 SELECT - fsgen
pl lvscu-01 lvscu ENABLED ACTIVE 62914560 CONCAT - RW
sd scpdg2-01 lvscu-01 scpdg2 528 62914560 0 SUN35100_9 ENA
pl lvscu-02 lvscu ENABLED ACTIVE 62914560 CONCAT - RW
sd scpdg1-01 lvscu-02 scpdg1 0 62914560 0 SUN35101_1 ENA
sd scpdg2-02 lvscu-03 scpdg2 0 528 LOG SUN35100_9 DET

sd scpdg2-02 on SUN35100_9  shows as being detached, but sd scpdg2-01 is enabled.
System owner has no idea how/when this happened.

Is there an easy way to fix this, or remove the log and re-add?

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You can remove and add back the DRL

vxassist remove log <volname>

vxassist addlog <volname>

You can get DISABLED STALE LOGONLY plex if you add a drl to a disabled volume, but the plex should become ENABLED/ACTIVE when the volume is started.  The same may happen here, stopping and starting the volumes may put the DRL in ENABLED/ACTIVE state.  But you are better off removing and adding back the DRL so that you gain back the DRL protection as soon as possible (as opposed to waiting for a convinient time to stop the volume).

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Thanks Mike. That's exactly what we ended up doing (remove and add).

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