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stalled out decrypting at 5%

Created: 11 Mar 2013 • Updated: 15 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I decided to decrypt my drive over the weekend so that I could replace it with a larger capacity drive today.  Had this message from pgpwde.exe --status
Operation start decrypt disk failed: Error code -11984: item not found.

I couldn't issue resume command or stop. I would continue getting the same error code.

I remembered that originally I had a secondary drive in the computer before encrypting with PGPWDE that I removed about three weeks ago. I put back that original 128 GB SSD that was in the computer when I originally encrypted, after that I could issue a resume and proceed with the last 5% - even though that disk was never encrypted.

That is messed up right?? What if that disk was dead... what would I do?

So my question is, how do I prevent this in the future? What data did that secondary drive have on it that PGPWDE needed? Again, this secondary drive was never encrypted originally.

Please help explain this and how to prevent it, Thanks

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You will want to try to run the --decrypt command from the command line interface after running the status on the disk that is giving the error.  This article will help with that:

Also, this is the pgpwde command line guide for the current release of the product

Please let me know if you run into issues running the decrypt command and getting the disk to fully decrypt

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I did get the disk to fully decrypt when I put the secondary drive in the bay. My concern was that what if that secondary disk that was never encrypted was gone and I could not find it. Why was PGP even looking for that drive when it was never instrumented by bootguard?

You think the command line set to decrypt disk 0 would resolve this problem? I will not be able to duplicate this problem for sometime, but when I do I will test this.

Thanks for the info PGP Dan.