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STATUS 13: file read failed

Created: 02 Jul 2013 | 6 comments

I am backing up a server with all local drives. Drives c:\ an d:\ get backed up but drive e:\ gives me status 13 error. I have attached the bpbkar log. It seems to be a file corruption error but the bpbkar log does not tell me which file. Is there any way to find out. The backups were fine for this server till today.

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 Increasing client read timeout on Media server host properties to be more than 15 minutes solved this issue.

NetBackup backup jobs fails with Status Code 13 - "file read failed" and bpbrm logs reports an error "socket read failed: errno = 62 - Timer expired"
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bpbrm logs not created on the client. I get the same error when i resume the job. it backs up to certain point then fails. How can i find which file maybe corrupt that it fails on

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Enable bpbkar verbose=5 logs on the affected client and it may tell you which file having problem. Remember to set it back to verbose=0 afterwards as the logs can grow significantly.

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I am fairly new to NBU. Can you guide me on how to set this. Thanks

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on Netbackup gui

click on Host Properties

then Master Server then IN Master Server Properties 

click on Time outs

then change Client Read out time to 1800 sec

then do the same steps for Media Server Properties

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waiting fro snawaz to reply

is above one helpful