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Steaming Virtualization Agent blocking admin share to remote computer

Created: 29 Sep 2013 | 6 comments

After we have tested the streaming virtualization product. Notice one big issue with the product. It seems to block the access from anyone (includes the administrator) from UNC share to a remote computer that have streaming/virtualization agent installed. I can see the folders and the files on the root drive. However, when I try to open the program files folder, access denied, open a text file on the root drive, access denied, copy the file to and from that remote computer, access denied. Soon as I remove the streaming/virtualiation agent from the remote computer, the full control access is back. No problem with file share, file copy, etc. Anyone have any idea why this agent would prevent this type of access?


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I remember testing this with (SWS)  (SP8 MP2 GA) build sometime back and it had worked fine for me (Read/Write/Copy) through UNC share of machine with SWV/SWS agent installed.. Is it specific to a particular version ?

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We are experiencing the same issue and any help would be greatly appreciated.

We are using:

   Workspace Streaming Agent version

   Virtualization Agent 7.5.522

   Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1

    On a bare machine, if we install just the Streaming Agent the Admin share is unavailable. On some machines we cannot even see the folders and files listed.

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We have seen this issue in 7.5 Streaming agents under certain circumstances..All prior versions remain unaffected. You may try using a 6.1 SP8MP2 agent on machines exhibitting this behaviour.Good News is that the issue is successfully addressed and likely to be shipped in the next HotFix/Service Pack Release soon.

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All - We have successfuly addressed this issue and shipped in the release vehicle SWS 7.5HF1 GA now avaiable @

Be sure to deploy the HF1 agents to avoid this issue. Attached the release notes with more info on fixed issues in SWV/SWS_7.5_HF1

SEV 7_5_HF1.pdf 239.76 KB
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Upgrade with the HF1, it seem upgrade success on both servers. After restart the server,unable to launch the Management console. Searching the directory, the console folder is empty now. I lost the management console url. also the size went from 500mb to 700mb after the upgrade.

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@ TheWillster, 'Support' is trying to reach you through your existing 'support' case to help you on this and might need the following information to drill down further.

  • First , do you have a backup of your preious/existing files prior to upgrade ? (Part of best practise)
  • How was the upgrade done exactly ? Did you had a chance to evaluate upgrade/testing on a development/test environment ?
  • What is the exact message you see when you access the Management console ?
  • What is the status of the Symantec Streaming (Console/Launch/Streamlet Engine) services in the Mircrosoft Services console ? (Service exist? / Started ? /Unable to Start ? )
  • Do we have Port 9842 listening to the Console service ?  Try accessing http://{HOST NAME}:9842

Just as a side note , the fix to the original issue is a client side coding and does not rely on the server side changes.