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Step by Step on how to recover OS from media Tape

Created: 19 Aug 2011 | 5 comments
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Can any one help me on step by step procedure on how do I restore the OS from tape? Currently my windows server was crashed and unable to boot up anymore. All files that save from drive C was also missing. The last option I have is to recover  from my backup.

Thank you.

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1) Install the OS. Do not join the domain.

2) If it is the media server, install BE.  Otherwise, push the remote agent to this server.

3) If it is the media server, then you need to inventory and catalog the tapes for the last backup.

4) Restore the C: drive.

5) Restore the system state

6) Reboot the server.

7) Restore the rest of the drives and the data.

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Thanks pkh. how about I install already the OS but I join it from domain what will be the cause? Is it possible not to restore the operating system?


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The first step you given was 1) Install the OS. Do not join the domain.<--- what is the main reason not to join the server from domain? Could this affect on restoration process? Thanks

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Because now the SID (Security Identifier) stored in AD for this computer is now changed, when you restore the server, it will have a differend SID than the one stored in AD and you will not be able to succesfully logon to the server with an AD account.
But it will be no problem, after restoring, join the server to a workgroup, reboot and rejoin again.

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To restore the OS, you got to use IDR which means that you must prepare the IDR bootable ISO image and burn it to a CD.  See my video on this subject.