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Steps to uninstall NBAC

Created: 21 Jun 2013 • Updated: 22 Oct 2013 | 3 comments

1.  Stop NetBackup
/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies/netbackup stop

2.  Stop PBX
/opt/VRTSpbx/bin/vxpbx_exchanged stop

3.  Confirm that all NetBackup processes are done:
/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpps -x


4.  Move the VRTSatlocal.conf.tmplt up one directory:
/usr/openv/var/global/vxss/eab/data/root/.VRTSat/profile/VRTSatlocal.conf.tmplt ../VRTSatlocal.conf.tmplt

5.  Remove contents of /usr/openv/var/global/vxss/eab/data/root/.VRTSat/profile/

6.  Copy VRTSatlocal.conf.tmplt to VRTSatlocal.conf within the profile directory:
cp /usr/openv/var/global/vxss/eab/data/root/.VRTSat/VRTSatlocal.conf.tmplt /usr/openv/var/global/vxss/eab/data/root/.VRTSat/profile/VRTSatlocal.conf


7.  Remove contents of /usr/openv/var/vxss and $HOME/.vxss:
rm -rf /usr/openv/var/vxss
rm -rf $HOME/.vxss


8.  Move NBAZDB.db and NBAZDB.log
mv /usr/openv/db/data/NBAZDB.db mv /usr/openv/db/data/NBAZDB.db.old

mv /usr/openv/db/data/NBAZDB.log mv /usr/openv/db/data/NBAZDB.log.old

9.  Edit /usr/openv/db/data/vxdbms.conf
vi /usr/openv/db/data/vxdbms.conf

10.  Remove the following line:


11.  Copy NBAZDB.db.template to NBAZDB.db

cp /usr/openv/db/data/NBAZDB.db.template /usr/openv/db/data/NBAZDB.db

12. Edit /usr/openv/netbackup/bp.conf
vi /usr/openv/netbackup/bp.conf

13.  Remove the following lines:




14.  Change USE_VXSS to PROHIBITED within bp.conf


15.  Restart PBX

/opt/VRTSpbx/bin/vxpbx_exchanged start

16.  Restart NetBackup

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies/netbackup start

17. Load NBDB environment

.  /usr/openv/db/       (Please note format is .<space>/usr/openv to source environment into current shell)

18.  Create new NBAZDB.log
  /usr/openv/db/bin/dblog -q -t NBAZDB.log NBAZDB.db


19.  Reset NBAZDB password 

/usr/openv/db/bin/nbdb_admin -dba nbusql

******Now you can configure NBAC ***********

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Looks like another copy and paste piece of plagiarism to me - and only just mentioned in an earlier thread:

Copy and paste from

What is this forum coming to!

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So you did a copy & paste of

If you want to pass on a pice of information that reside in a tech note, then do it like this post:


Seems Mark is faster than me.

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We had a failure for NBAC - status code 193 - and I wondering where I could find the uninstall steps for a Windows server.