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Steps to upgrade a NBU VCS cluster from NBU 6.5.6 to NBU

Created: 15 Jan 2013 • Updated: 25 May 2013 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

We are upgrading from NBU 6.5.6  to   We run NBU in a VCS cluster.   I have read the instructions in HOWTO44632.  In particcular, I am interested in where the clients (installed clients on the masters) and the upgrade (after 7.1 is installed) fall into the procedure ?


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Clients can be upgraded at any time after you have upgraded master server cluster and media servers.

You should apply patch(maintenance update) soon after you complete upgrade. Freeze service group first, then apply patch on inactive nodes. After you applied patch on all inactive nodes, apply it on active node and then unfreeze service group. 

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Please also go through  Installation prerequisites for NetBackup on VCS on UNIX/Linux

Extremely important to ensure that rsh is enabled between clustered nodes. I have personally missed this pre-req during one particular upgrade, which resulted in customer's cluster becoming one-node cluster.

I prefer to use NBU Clustered Master Server Admin Guide where everything is in one doc. Please also note reference to NBU Installation Guide where specifics for master server OS is covered (e.g. pkgrm for Solaris master).

Client upgrades are also covered in the Installation Guide. Unix clients can be upgraded from Unix master with update_clients. Bear in mind that other Unix OS software needs to be installed on the Master to enable push-upgrade. See Installation Guide for details.

Windows clients can be upgraded by starting installation on one machine and selecting machines on the network. See See “Installing NetBackup Windows clients remotely” in Installation Guide.
Bear in mind that W2008 x64 clients must be upgraded from a machine with same OS, same for 32-bit clients running W2003.

PS: You did not mention any media servers? Is clustered master also your only media server?

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