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Stop creating Shortcuts

Created: 12 Dec 2012 • Updated: 12 Dec 2012 | 9 comments
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Sorry I am new to Enterprise vault and we have not fully implemented it.   We have only a few test users. 

My Office wants to archive everything however they only want to delete emails from Exchange after 3 years.  They want the originals left in exchange until that time.    I have changed the Mailbox Policy so that is doesnt delete the items and set it to not create shortcuts.   HOWEVER it is still constantly creating shortcuts for every email archived.  Meaning that there are duplicate emails of every email.  The original and the shortcut.

How do I tell Enterprise to not create shortcuts at all?

Things i have done:

Under Policies Exchange, Mailbox

Under Archiving Actions Uncheck "Create Shortcut to archived item after Archiving"

Under ShortCut Content Uncheck Include Recpient Info.

Under ShortCut Content Change Content of shortcut body none

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.


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Under Policies Exchange, Mailbox

Under Archiving Actions Uncheck "Create Shortcut to archived item after Archiving"

^^ That's what you need to do ..  then synchronise the mailbox(es), and try manually archiving an item after restarting Outlook.

Or..  after you've done that.. what are you doing to test?

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One thing to note about that is that when things are being archived, you will have a temporary copy of the email as a pending item and then once the item is fully archived, that copy will be deleted.

So if you have EV set to remove items after backup, you could theoretically have a lot of duplicated items until the backup next runs, so be sure to set the Safety Copies to "Immediately After Archive" on the partition properties.

Also note that this is a one way street, once those items have been archived and not turned in to shortcuts, you can't retroactively go back and set shortcuts to be created and expect items that have already been archived to turn in to shortcuts....only newly archived items will become shortcuts

You may also want to look at Virtual Vault and Vault Cache together , and that way you have the archive attached to Outlook presented as a PST file where users can drag and drop items in, delete items, move from folder to folder etc...and not create shortcuts and delete the original from the exchange mailbox

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This may be something.   AI just cant find where to change the Safety copies?   We have not started backups as there is not data.  Where do I change the Safety copy settings?

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Thanks for the tips, 

After I set that I added a new user and ran the archive on the users.   Right now I am only using accounts that have been disabled and not active users. 

I have set the setting as recommended above and synced the mailboxes.   Ran the archive on a new user and it is constantly leaving the shortcut to Enterprise Vault.

JesusWept3 May be on to something? We arent doing backups right now as we dont have user data in the system. Where is the Safety Copy settings? I cant seem to find them.

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Safety Copies = on the properties of your Vault Store(s) in the VAC.

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Thank you,  Found and testing now.

Will come back when done.

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Open the Vault Admin Console
Expand out your Vault Store Group, then expand out your Vault Store
Right click your Vault Store Partition on the right hand side and go to Properties
Should be at the bottom under "Remove Safety Copies"

You will have three options:
 - After Backup (default)
 - After Backup (Immediately for Journaling)
 - Immediately After Archive

After Backup means that it will leave a "Safety Copy" or a Pending item, that will remain until the DVS/DVSSP/DVSCC etc have been backed up and the Archive Bit removed from the files on the vault store partition.

Once that has been done and EV scans the item, determines its been backed up, it will then "Post Process" the item, post process meaning it either converts the item to a shortcut, or it will delete the original email.

In your case because you are keeping the original and NOT creating a shortcut, it will create a copy of the email in a "Pending" state, and when its been backed up and goes to "Post Process", it will delete the copy it made earlier.

Oh and your posts for one reason or another have been marked for review (possible spam, no idea why) and have pinged the admins to have a look for you.

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Thank you JesusWept3 and Rob.Wilcox.   I have tested it on 2 seperate users and both came out fine with 0 duplicates.   I am now testing it on a live account(my own).   Will see in a little while.

Thank you both for your assistance.

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Create a 'regular' test user, rather than using 'disabled users'..  they might not synchronise the mailbox archiving settings properly.