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Stop IMG folders from duplicating to eSata

Created: 20 Apr 2012 | 3 comments

I need only encrypted data to duplicate to external drives.  How do I stop the IMG folders from duplicating?


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So are you saying you don't want your only backup of GRT data to be duplicated to somewhere else?

To answer the actual question however you just set any jobs that have GRT enabled to not have duplicate jobs linked with them. Of course depending on the version of BE you might want to split your slection list so non-GRT backup sets have duplicate jobs and grt backup sets don't.

ZacTech's picture

I could easily do this in 2010R3 (don't rember how).  Example: exchange backup job has normal back content and grt that writes to local disk. I only want duplicate the normal stuff.  How do I make a job only backup grt data?  

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In any version of BE, you cannot specify that you want to duplicate only a part of the backup data.  For example, you backup a file folder (non-GRT) and Exchange (GRT) in the same job.  There is no way for you to say that you want to duplicate the non-GRT part of the backup and leave out the GRT part of the backup. The only way is to copy the .bkf file created for the non-GRT backup and copying .bkf files is not recommended.