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Stop Merge Duplicate Records

Created: 29 Oct 2013 | 1 comment

Ok so from what I am gathering NS7.1 SP2 MP1.1 is set to auto merge records. We are doing a migration from Windows XP to Windows 7. We deal with certain computers where we have to archive off what was done to machines and cannot have records auto merged. In NS6 we could go in and click and manually merge certain machines but didnt do all.


So far we have 2 computers that after they were rebuilt, have started installing software and I JUST figured out why while typing this.

It seems that NS6 used computer name as the merge point. So if there were 2 computers named ComputerA a tech would notify me to tell me that Altiris isnt downloading anything. I would then go in and verify the duplicate and merge them. All good...


here is my delema...

ComputerA is online for 2 years as an XP system. We bring them a ComputerB and place into service and remove ComputerA. All is good.

3 months later ComputerA is rebuilt with Windows 7 and given to a different department and named NewDeptPC. 

It seems that NS7 is using the Serial Number to merge off of and takes both NewDeptPC and ComputerA records, merges them then starts installing software that ComputerA was in.


Is there a work around to keep this from happening?

Am I even correct that NS6 merged off of computer name and NS7 is doing via Serial??

Trying to decide on where to start trying to figoure something out on this.


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NS 6 automatically merged too if it was able to.  SMP 7.x does the same.  The merging report still exists to allow you to manually merge the ones it wasnt able to do.

Yes, NS 6 only used machinename.domainname to identify a computer; however, 7.x uses arounf five factors now, which is why you are seeing the difference in behaviour.

I am hoping that 7.5 has been improved in this area so that unnecessary merges do not take place.

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