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Stopping netbackup services

Created: 18 Apr 2013 • Updated: 22 Apr 2013 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I ran the command          netbackup\bin\bpdown -v -f

 to confrim everything is stopped by running : bpps

i get the attached result showing shut down of some services failed. How do i completely shut down everything. One of my drives is showing as not ready and I need to run the HP library tool diagnostics.

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when I tried to restart using the command      netbackup\bin\bpup -v -f       I got the attached result showing some services did not start. How do I fix this

start netbackup.txt 2.27 KB
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While doing them donw bpdown some processes are still busy and you are not able to stop the services. You can kill the process and make sure nothing shows in bpps output. Once done you can up the services.

All the other services are started and it just didn't start the below services which you might not be using in the environment.  If you would be using deduplication then these services will started.

 > NetBackup Deduplication Manager -- NOT STARTED
> NetBackup Deduplication Engine
> NetBackup Deduplication Engine -- NOT STARTED

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OK - so you have questions about stopping and starting...

The services that failed to stop were probably still busy with some background tasks. We sometimes see the same on Unix masters.

I would simply run bpdown again an see what the result is.

The 'left over' processes would not interfere with HP library tools.

About startup -

We see that dedupe services are not starting - do you have dedupe licenses installed?
If not - nothing to be concerned about.
Dedupe binaries are installed with normal server binaries. A valid license is needed to enable the feature.

Hope this helps!

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To stop when bpdown -v -f does not stop everything :

From Windows :

Open task manager and end task on the processes

You can also use the following command from a command line : taskkill /pid <pid number>

To start when bpup -v -f does not start everything.

For Windows:

Go to start -> run -> services.msc -> Right click on the service that is not starting.

If there is an error you will see it in the application event viewer.

Not all NBU services need to be running at all times.

A complete list will be in the sysadmin guide.

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The deduplication manager and engine were running before I stopped the services. I would assume they would come backup. I tried to start them manually but they failed with error incorrect function

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Are you still havng an issue ?  Was your question regarding the up and down services answered ?  If so, dont forget to mark the solution :)

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Check the <dedup path>\log\spoold\spoold.log for errors .  It is possible that a bin or bhd is missing.  This can happen sometimes on a Windows based MSDP media server that has antivirus and the dedup directory is not in the exclusion list.  Any other reason the spoold log will show the cuase.