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Stopping Spam -Forwarded to

Created: 12 Nov 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments
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We are inondated with Viagra emails and they ARE spam, many of them come from China.

We have attempted to configure the settings to stop them to no avail. The from's are often setup like this:

VIAGRA ® Reseller [] where username and domain are our INTERNAL username and domains...

The content is something like this in the body:

Can't see everything? Visit online version here. <>

We want to block this content and have tried everything to stop it but cant, how do we stop it?

Forwarding hundredes if not thousands of these emails to gsubmit has been USELESS!

Please advise and thanks

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You are using a hosted mail security product, correct? (as that's the forum you're posting in)

I think the best thing to do here would be to contact support to verify that the product is set-up correctly. They may also be able to assist with preventing spoofed email from your domain.

Best regards,

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Yes it is the hosted mail security product.

"Setup Correctly" -Seems like a fairly generic response.

Spoofing from a domain - What options are available?

The issue of "Viagra" emails has come up more than once so it would seem that there should be some existing guidance on dealing with these DAILY/HOURLY email spams?

Funny, that only a recommendation to contact support is offered???

The gsubmint address is the address provided by HostedMailSecurity for Missed spam...

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Ensure your domain has not be white listed. Typically most domains do not send messages to their mail servers from the outside via SMTP and when they do its usualy not spam so its not a problem. However if the domain has been whitelisted anything that appears to be from the domain or spoofed to appears it came from that domain will pass right through.