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storage device not found at the path specified.

Created: 20 Aug 2014 • Updated: 22 Aug 2014 | 6 comments
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Backup Exec 2014:

I am trying add a new B2D folder (\\server\share) to a new managed Backup Exec server (3 servers total) and I receive the following error:

"A storage device was not found at the specified path. Please verify the path entered is correct."

When logged in to the new managed BE server, I can manually access the UNC path with no issues.  I also get this error when trying to share existing B2D share targets with the new managed BE.  

Are there additional logs I can reference to diagnose the issue?


Operating Systems:

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Hi, see if this helps  although it references 2012 and below it should still be applicable.

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So you can't add a new B2D, and it seems like you have a CASO environment?

Can the NAS do iSCSI? If so, try adding an iSCSI LUN and then create a B2D on that.

Also download and run b2dtest.exe against the source of your share to make sure it is a valid target for a B2D.


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Yes, I'm am running a CASO environment (ca-server, bk-server1, bk-server2, bk-server3)  and currently have two B2D targets:  \\server\share1 and \\server\share2, shared between bk-server1 and bk-server2.  When trying to share either \\server\share1 and \\server\share2 with the new bk-server3, I receive the error.  The UNC paths point to a CIFS share on a cloud storage gateway (Riverbed Steelstore, previously know as Whitewater), and does not support iSCSI.

I'm currently running the B2D test utility from bk-server3 and will let you know what the results are.

Thank you for the responses.

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I found the problem.  I installed a different version of Windows Server (2012 R2 vs 2012) on the new managed server.  Reinstalling the server with the same version of Wwindows as the CAS as well as the other managed servers fixed the issue.

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So all BE servers are now Windows Server 2012 R2?  or did you standardize on "r1"?

You have multiple BE servers in the CAS environment pointing to the same UNC path share?

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I standardized on "R1", as I already had 3(1 CAS and 2 managed) other servers on that version.  

I have 3 BE servers pointing to multiple UNC paths in a full mesh.