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Storage Expiry and Legal Hold

Created: 21 Nov 2012 • Updated: 30 Nov 2012 | 1 comment
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I just had a quick query around Enterprise vault 9.0.1 storage expiry and Discovery accelarator 9.0.1 legal hold/searches.

Basically our legal team asked us to expire all old items from journal archives, but we couldn't completely do it due to existing cases in DA database. However EV keeps retrying every day.

On other hand, now legal team is looking to search for an item very old (historical) which they feel should be there in EV storage. We tried to explain them the expiry thing but they say "if data is probably there then we're legally obliged to provide it". So my question, is it possible if EV storage expiry has expired an old item BUT it "might" be existing out there, will Discovery accelarator be able to search on that item?

Is there a way to tell which item (probably transaction ID) DA is trying to search for corresponding to an item so we can track it down from SQL to centera blob & confirm with storage admins if that blob is still present on centera?

In parallel I am trying to build a list of cases which're holding EV from deleting expired items using Technote Unable to delete an Archive because of a Vault Interest entry, if anyone has further idea or quick way to pull all case details that've interest in vault items, that'll be helpful as well !

Thanks in advance !

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If an item has been deleted using the expiry process from EV then it's indexes no longer exist, DA will no longer be able to find the item

If the data is not in an index so you cant identify it, In EV the SavesetID is the unique item that is assigned to each item as it is archived and if an item was expired then there would be no entry in the EV database linking to that item

If you have an item's SavesetID and it's ArchiveID then it is possible to check centera if the item still exists if there are entries in EV, BUT... if the item has been expired and all links to it in EV are gone chances are it is also gone from Centera

There is an exception to that...If you are doing collections before sending data to a centera there may be a chance of the BLOB still existing as part of a larger c-clip on centera and tagged for deletion.

EV using collections an storing data on a Centera stores content in a c-clip which contains many BLOB's. When Cenera deletes a BLOB it only tags it for deletion until all the items in the c-clip are also tagged for deletion then and only then is the c-clip deleted

If this is the case then it becomes very difficult to identify which BLOB is the data you seek. I don't think Centera has the ability to list BLOB's that are tagged for deletion within a c-clip as they are just Binary lumps of data. If it can, that's a job for EMC and even if it can provide the list the only way to retrieve the data would be to retrieve all BLOB's that are tagged for deletion then extract them all (which could be thousands or millions) then you need to try search them all.

In practical terms if data was not placed on legal hold and expiry was run and the item met the necessary requirements to be deleted then it is gone and legally defensible that the item was deleted according to your corporate document or email retention policies

In most countries the duty to produce data also has a "get out clause" which basically states that you have a duty to produce the data as long as it is not cost prohibitive to do so.

You need to engage EMC to try and retrieve these BLOB's that are marked for deletion, just that the c-clips have not yet expired all content then if it were possible I would assume it would be a very time consuming and cost prohibitive process... IF IT WERE POSSIBLE but i don't think it is