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Storage Expiry Report

Created: 02 Nov 2009 • Updated: 28 Jul 2012 | 2 comments
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Is there a possiblility to see in the storage expiry report not only the Retetion Periode and the amount of delete items ?
Our management ask also for the amount of Mbytes of the deleted Items.

Can we change something in the customizing of the system to see this information ?

Thanks in advance

best regards

Thilo Schweizer
Robert Bosch GmbH

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I dont believe this possible. You may be able to configure something customized through SQL Reporting Services or by simply monitoring the size of the storage location. Other than that may be log it as an enhancement request via the ideas section.

Sorry could not help more.

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Actually i think Scanner001 could help with this issue
all you need to do is run a basic SQL statement that does a SUM of archivedItemSize where the ArchiveDate is greater than x amount of days or IdDateTime is greater than a certain amount of days

so for instance if you wanted to expire anything before 12/12/2008 using the ArchivedDate  it'd be like

USE VaultStoreDB
SELECT COUNT(IdTransaction) AS NumberOfItems, SUM(ArchivedItemSize) AS TotalSize
FROM Saveset
WHERE ArchivedDate LTE '12/12/2008'

or in this instance if you are using Sent Date (Modified Date in storage expiry)

USE VaultStoreDB
SELECT COUNT(IdTransaction) AS NumberOfItems, SUM(ArchivedItemSize) AS TotalSize
FROM Saveset
WHERE IdDateTime LTE '12/12/2008'

Column names probably need to be changed and im not entirely sure if DateTime fields like LTE/GTE etc