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Storage Foundation and veritas Volume Replicator

Created: 15 Dec 2012 • Updated: 15 Dec 2012 | 1 comment
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Hi ,

In production site, I have 2 app servers connect to SAN Storage which is cluster using SFHA with active-active mode. i am planning to replicate the content of SAN Storage to DR site, which consists one 1 app server connected to a SAN storage.  The main purpose is to replicate contents of the SAN storage at Prod Site to DR site. App Server at DR site need not be clustered, SFHA/DR is not neccessary . Will the following solution work:

Production site

App Server 1 -- SFHA + VVR

App Server 2 -- SFHA +VVR

DR site

App Server - SF+VVR

1. can VVR integrate with other cluster software such as Microsft cluster Service?

Thank you

Ming Har

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Yes it is possible to have VCS at Prod and not at DR.  

When you use VCS at both sites with GCO, then VCS can control direction of replication using replication (RVG) agent, but as you are not using GCO, then you should not use the replication agents as you need DR license to use replication agents and there should be no automatic change of replication direction as there is no coordination between prod and DR without GCO.  So you will have to change replication direction manually and you can use MSCS at DR site if you want.  Procedure for DR is basically:

If you loose Prod site:

  • Run "vradmin takeover" at DR to make DR writable
  • Start application at DR manually or using MSCS

If you want to run application from DR site, instead of Prod, while Prod is up for some reason, then:

  • Offline application and Mount resources at Prod site, but leave diskgroup resource online using VCS 
  • Run "vradmin migrate" to reverse replication
  • Start application at DR manually or using MSCS


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