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Storage Foundation Keyless issue

Created: 14 Jun 2013 • Updated: 18 Jun 2013 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


   I have installed the SFHA6.0 for windows 2008 with keyless option. However after I applied the permanent key, the system still show the error log in event viewer.

The keyless license option does not entitle this system to run Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows, Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability for Windows, or Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing for Windows. The product is no longer in licensing compliance even though it is still functioning properly. Symantec requires that you perform any of the following tasks to resolve the license compliance violation: -Add this system as a managed host to a Veritas Operations Manager (VOM) Management Server. or -Add an appropriate and valid license key on this system using the Symantec product installer from Windows Add/Remove Programs.
For more information, click the following link:

   I seach the google then found that it should be disable the keyless option.

But I found the vxkeyless is disappear on windows server.

Thank you.

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Hi pgm10s,

After applying the license key to a Windows server running the SFW/SFW-HA 6.x product, you will need to restart the SFW/SFW-HA services to get them to pickup on the change in the license key.

For SFW, you will need to restart the "vxsvc" service with the following:

1. net stop vxsvc

2. net start vxsvc

If you are running SFW-HA, then you will also need to restart VCS to get it to pick up on the change in the license key. This can be done by doing the following:

1. hastop -local -force   Note: The force will leave your service groups online but stop the main cluster service (HAD.)

2. harstart

The other method is to reboot the server.

Thank you,


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One can update lic using 'hasys -updatelic' followed by 'haclus -updatelic'. no need to stop VCS. 

Thanks and Warm Regards,

Amit Rangari

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Hi Arangari,

The "hasys -updatelic" command is not valid on Windows.  I'm not sure there is an equivalent on Windows.

The 'haclus -updatelic" command is a valid command for Windows.

I've use the vxlicinst.exe to install license keys before but I don't remember how it handles the VCS services to get them to use the license key.

Thank you,


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Hi Wally,

The "hasys -updatelic" command is valid on Windows.

To stop the nagware message, keyless license should be removed.

To see a list of keyless licenses installed on the system

# vxkeyless display

To remove the keyless licenses

# vxkeyless set NONE



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Hi Alok,

You are right.  I was just running the "hays -updatelic" command on my test box and got a syntax error.  I didn't look close enough at the error message.  The correct syntax for using that switch with hasys is:

  hasys -updatelic -sys <sys>
  hasys -updatelic -all

Sorry about any confusion that I might have caused by my post.  It is valid if it is used correctly.

thank you,