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Storage locations not listed for Symantec DLO for Netbackup 6.1 MP5A

Created: 01 Sep 2010 | 3 comments

We've been running DLO for over a year now but was not maintained to well. We've recently upgraded to MP5A as we thought it may solve some issues we've had. The primary one being that under Storage Locations, nothing is listed. We are successfully getting backups from clients and can restore but we have run out of space and want to add a second location and move to it. However, when we add a new location, the wizard completes but still shows nothing. Any ideas?

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Andy Welburn's picture

of DLO in the NetBackup forum - have been on this forum for some years & have seen very few come through. Just searching for "DLO" resulted in only 75 posts for the full site (1355 for BackupExec).

I actually responded to one personally just the other week but that was just to point them at the Admin Guide as there'd been no responses for several days.

Maybe you'll get a more positive response now it's been "bumped"? Failing that, have you considered logging a call?

Sorry I can't assist you further specifically for this on-going issue.

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I would agree that DLO 'information' and 'knowledge' is difficult to come by.

logging a call is your best bet.  I'd like to see a forum dedicated to JUST DLO....

Anyways, concerning your Storage Location that you want to create, are you creating it on a Windows Share?  a NAS?  is it a Hidden Share?