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storage Migration

Created: 26 Nov 2011 • Updated: 09 Dec 2011 | 1 comment
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Hi All

         I want suppose to Do Storage Migration on Solaris Server. Here Veritas Volume manager is installed in Solaris.

Here Two EMC Disks are in Volume Control. I need to remove these two Disks, and Storage Team assign New Storage Luns. I want to Copy same data [volumes, diskgroups] present in EMC to New Storage XIV. How Can i Do for This, Can you please Explain and if possible can you please provide me any procedure for this....


Veritas Volume Manager---5.0

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Hi Srinath,

I would imagine following steps majorly

1. Get the new storage scanned & labelled in OS so that veritas recognizes the new luns  (devfsadm / format / label )

2. Once the new storage disks are visible in veritas , initialize the new luns in veritas & add them to existing diskgroup (vxdisksetup / vxdg add )

3. Once new storate disks are added to existing diskgroup, mirror your volumes using the new disks. You can also directly evacuate the old disks using vxevac command, however I would prefer the option of mirror. (vxassist mirror)

4. Once new storage is mirrored with old storage volumes, disassociate the plexes from old storage (vxplex dis)

5. Now your volumes should be running on volume with new storage in it, you can delete the plexes which you disassociated in previous step & un setup the disks from veritas (vxedit -rf rm / vxdg remove / vxdiskunsetup)

you can find all the exact commands in vxvm admin guide or through man pages. vxvm admin guide can be found here:


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