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Storage space need to be increase on GCO with VVR enviornment

Created: 10 Jun 2014 • Updated: 11 Jun 2014 | 2 comments
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Storage space need to be increase on GCO with VVR enviornment

SFWHA 6.0.2 on windows 2012

we are replicating 10 primary volumes to secondary, now we want to increase the space on 5 volumes at both the sides.

what would be the steps.

free space avilable on windows disk management.

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Use "vxrds resizevol" - see "Resizing the data volumes" in the VVR admin guide.  The beginning of this section is a bit misleading as it only talks about shrinking, not growing:

Resizing the data volumes

You can decrease or shrink the size of a data volume using the online volume
shrink feature. The vxrds resizevol command is helpful in reclaiming unused
space to better utilize your resource.

Before resizing a data volume

Consider the following before shrinking a data volume:

However, this command can be used to shrink or grow a replicated volume:

Extract at the end of this section gives the syntax:

Syntax for the vxrds resizevol command:
vxrds [-g <diskgroup>] resizevol <local_rvg> <volume> <length>
vxrds -g vvrdg resizevol rvg volume 100M

So the new size will dictate whether the volume is grown or shrunk.  You must not use vxassist to grow volume as this will only grow the one side.  Of course you can do this in the GUI, but like the CLI, you must do in the Replication view so that the volume on Primary and Secondary are both grown.



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Hi Jomy,

This is a very common activity.

1. Ensure there is enough free space in the diskgroup at the both the primary and secondary VVR sites as needed.

2. In VEA, go to Replication Network when connected to both the primary and secondary servers.

3. Expand the RDS and RVG of the primary RVG until you see all of the volumes being replicated.

4. Right click on the volume to be expanded and select "Expand Volume"

5. Enter the new size of the volume and click OK.  This will automatically expand the volume on the primary and secondary to the free space in the diskgroup.

Note: If you expand the volume outside of the Replication Network, then only one site will be expanded and replication will have problems.

Thank you,