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Created: 01 May 2013 • Updated: 21 Jul 2013 | 7 comments
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Ok I have a IBM 3310 Tape Library with 10 tape drives.

I am running into is I have some very large backups that I want to run just to tape, not to my ISCSI drives.

Issue is my Duplications at times can take all the drives and these jobs never start.  I want to take 2 drives and make them so only these 2 backup jobs can use them.

Is there a way to break these jobs out where only the jobs I say can use there drives, and the reset are free game?

Currently running 6.5.5. but today we are upgrading to 7.5 on a new windows server 2008 64bit

We are also adding a 27TB ProtecTier VTL soon, but some of these backups are already on a VTL and I just need to get them to tape.

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Create a new storage unit for duplication and limit the concurrent drive usage to e.g 1 or two. There is no 1:1 relation between tape drives/robots and storage units. Point the duplication to use this new storage unit.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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Problem is they are already on a storage unit "3TB" that I am trying to get them off of..  Total is 6TB for the 2 units.  I don't want to duplicate them to the new VTL and then back them up to tape.

I would like to just send them to a dedicated drive. So there is no way for me to break up the tape drives with in the storage unit?  Really you think there would be more control over the drives.

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More detail.

My Boss is backup up his VM servers to a Omni Drive

Then he wants me to Map this drive to the server, and Back it up to tape.

Total is 6TBish and I would like to assign 2 drives just for this.

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I would do what Nicoli has said, create another storage unit to control your duplications, and limit the amount of drives the duplications can use at any one time, always leaving drives available for backups as a priority.

Furthermore you could control your duplications by having scheduled tasks to run nbstlutil inactive -lifecycle to only activate duplications when you have a quiet window.

Maybe worth looking into NBU 7.6, last I heard there would be an SLP scheduling feature.

Directly attached your drives to these servers and change them to media servers with there own storage unit. Dedicated drives and faster SAN backups.

Then you would have to ensure these drives are not presented to your other media servers.

I would go with personally got with storage unit control.

You can still configure ESX SAN backups in 6.5.5, maybe take a look at that and back them up direct to tape?

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Desided this was not worth looking into with our new ProtecTIER we have plenty of space.